Solar Water Pump

A solar water pump has a mini power house at its heart and consists of a calibrated and matching solar array of modules - tuned with the equivalent power of pump for that particular application. The solar water pumping system is capable of running all types of electrical water pumps with applications varying from irrigation to household demands. Irrigation pumps such as submersible, surface or deep well can also be coupled with irrigation systems to enhance the returns from this configuration.

A typical solar water pumping system is known by the sum total of solar array size that is requed to run the attached pump. A 1000 Wp solar water pump is capable of awing and pumping approximately 40,000 liters of water per day from a source that is up to 10 meters deep. This is sufficient to irrigate about 2 acres of land with regular crops. A 1000 Wp solar water pump helps save up to Rs 45,000 when compared to equivalent use of a diesel-operated pump over a year.


  • Operates on solar power and as well as on electric
  • Higher life cycle
  • Higher Temperature Protection
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Tank over flow protection
  • Over and under voltage protection
  • Over Load Protection
  • High Durable and Reliable

Working of solar water pump

  • Each solar array has a number of solar modules connected in parallel or series. Every solar PV panel generates current by converting solar radiation to electrical energy.
  • The electrical energy from the ente array is controlled, tuned and directed by the inbuilt controller in DC pumps or through the Variable Frequency Diver(VFD) and enables the connected pump (may be submersible or surface) to aw water and feed the delivery pipelines.
  • The water thus awn from ponds, rivers, bore wells or other sources by a solar water pump is pumped to supply water as requested. It can be stored in tanks from where it is later channeled to fields or the supply from the pump may be coupled with ip irrigation systems to provide optimized water to fields directly

A photovoltaic solar powered pump system has three parts:

  • Solar panels
  • The controller
  • The pumps

Pump Model Power (HP) Dynamic Head (M) Shut OF Head (M) Array Capacity (Wp) Water Output (LPD)
0.5HP10 0.5 10 26 500Wp 25, 000, 00
0.5HP20 0.5 20 30 500Wp 16, 800, 00
0.5HP30 0.5 30 45 500Wp 6,000.00
1HP30 1 30 45 900Wp 38,400.00
1HP60 1 60 90 900Wp 11,500.00
1HP90 1 90 120 900Wp 6,200.00
1HP30 1 30 45 1200Wp 42,000.00
2HP20 2 20 30 1800Wp 76,000.00
2HP30 2 30 45 1800Wp 63,000.00
3HP30 3 30 45 3000Wp 105,000.00
3HP50 3 50 75 3000Wp 68,300.00
3HP70 3 70 100 3000Wp 42,000.00
5HP50 5 50 70 4800Wp 100,800.00
5HP70 5 70 100 4800Wp 67,200.00
5HP100 5 100 150 45,600.00 45,600.00
0.5 HP 1 HP 2 HP 3 HP 5 HP

Service and Support

Solar heating industry being a faly new segment in India has few qualified engineer and technicians available. However the LT technology Technical team boasts maximum years of extensive hands on experience to be able to pinpoint the root cause of any kind of technical problem.

We are committed to deliver best solutions and services for guaranteed customer satisfaction. Our response time to attend the site for a repair call from the customer is about 24 business hours.

Parallel efforts will be made to resolve the issue over a telephonic conversation with a competent technical person. LT service team conducts routine maintenance check up every quarterly to ensure high efficiency and smooth operation of Hot water system throughout the year.

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