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LT heat Pump, an innovative and energy-efficient water heating solution offers a wide range of air source heat pump to generate hot water at commercial and domestic scale. Technology used in Heat Pump is based on reverse principle of air-conditioning. The brilliance of this technology allows in extracting free heat present in the ambient air to heat water; thereby saving up to 80% on your energy bills in comparison to the conventional water heating techniques. Our Heat Pump with intelligent system design can generate hot water in wide range of climatic condition ranging from - 15 deg C to 43 Deg C of ambient air temperature.

Heat Pump Working Principle

Comparison of operating cost of Water Heating (1000 LPD in a year)

Heat Pump Electricity & Free Air None 10 Years None 12 kW (Cost= 8.5/Unit) Rs. 36700
Electric Geyser Electricity None 5 Years Moderate 49 kW (Cost= 8.5/Unit) Rs.152000
Gas Boiler LPG Moderate 5 Years Very High 3.5 Kg (Cost=72/Kg) Rs. 92000
Diesel Boiler Diesel High 5 Years High 4.5 Litres (Cost=57/Unit) Rs. 94000

How does Air Source Heat Pump works ?

ASHP captures the heat present in the ambient or atmospheric air, and transfers the absorbed heat brilliantly with minimal consumption of energy to heat the Water. Below mentioned figure shows the schematic representation of the working principle of a heat pump water heater.

Temperature low pressure refrigerant in liquid form is passed through the evaporator, which absorbs the heat from air and vaporizes to gaseous form. This gaseous refrigerant is then sent to the compressor which compresses it to high pressure. Since temperature being proportional to pressure the temperature of the refrigerant will also be high. This high temperature high pressure medium will be passed through the heat exchanger where it transfers heat to water. Once the heat is absorbed the refrigerant at the outlet is a low temperature high pressure medium which is passed through a throttle valve to reduce its pressure and the cycle continues.

LT Heat pump water heaters are highly energy efficient as most of the energy for heating comes from the external environment, and only a fraction comes from electricity. Thus for 1kW electricity consumed the heat transferred will be 4kW. The amount of electrical energy needed to heat water is greatly reduced compared to a conventional electric water heater in which, for 1Kw electricity consumed the heat transferred is only 1kW. Thus in heat pump water heaters the coefficient of performance (ratio of output power to input power) can be as high as 4.6

Why ASHP is the best option for all your water heating needs:

  • Saving Up to 60 - 80 % on your Energy bills.
  • Automated system with auto- cut at set temperature for maximum efficiency, hence cuts the manpower cost as well. pinpoint the root cause of any kind of technical problem.
  • Most Eco-friendly solution with Zero Carbon emission at source.
  • Low Maintenance cost.
  • Long Life of Equipment upto 15 years
  • Zero effect to Ozone layer Refrigerant (R410a).
  • Zero emission & explosive hazards.
  • Free cold air simultaneously while heating water which can be ducted for Space for Cooling


Salient feature of commercial heat pump water heaters

  • Maximum output temperature: 60 C.
  • High COP (ratio of input power to output power) of upto 4.6.
  • Commercial model starts from hot water output of 2200 L/D (Litres per day) and above.
  • Heavy duty Copeland Scroll compressor.
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Restaurants
  • Kitchens
  • Hospital
  • Water Parks
  • Residential School & Colleges

Swimming Pool

Salient feature of swimming pool heat pump water heaters

  • Maximum Output temperature: 35 C.
  • Pool Heat Pump model starts from minimum water heating capacity of 20 cubic meters.
  • High COP (ratio of input power to output power) of upto 5.8.
  • Heavy duty Copeland Scroll compressor.
  • Titanium Tube in PVC shell Heat Exchangers.
  • Residential School & Colleges
  • Water Parks Hotels & Resorts


Salient feature of domestic heat pump water heaters

  • Maximum output temperature: 60 C.
  • Domestic model starts from hot water output of 200 L/D (Litres per Day) to 800 L/D
  • Environment friendly R410A refrigerant.
  • Built-In WILO Circulation Pump
  • Apartments
  • Villas
  • Flats Serviced Apartments


Salient feature of industrial heat pump water heaters

  • Industrial model starts from heating capacity of 8.5 kW and above.
  • High COP (ratio of input power to output power) of upto 3.8. 800 L/D
  • Copper Pipe In Steel Case Heat Exchanger.
  • Heavy duty Copeland Scroll compressor
  • Food Processing
  • Tea Coffee curing
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile

Service and Support

Heat Pump industry being a fairly new segment in India has few qualified engineer and technicians available. However the LT technology Technical team boasts maximum years of extensive hands on experience to be able to pinpoint the root cause of any kind of technical problem. We are committed to deliver best solutions and services for guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our response time to attend the site for a repair call from the customer is about 24 business hours. Parallel efforts will be made to resolve the issue over a telephonic conversation with a competent technical person. LT service team conducts routine maintenance check up every quarterly to ensure high efficiency and smooth operation of Hot water system throughout the year.

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